Toddler Room

18 months - 2½ years

Our Toddler Room is a relaxed, fun room for the children to enjoy and develop early friendships.

Within our Toddler Room there are designated areas for free play, role play, messy play, quiet time, meal times and nappy changing. The room also has a large en suite bathroom with low level sinks and toilets to aid potty and toilet training.

A little more structure is introduced in the Toddler Room. Children are encouraged to take part in carefully planned activities, allowing them to develop individual areas of learning, helping to promote sharing, socialising and - most importantly - having fun.

There is always time for child-initiated activities. As children show interest they are encouraged to develop their confidence and who knows where it may lead?

Outdoor play - utilising the nursery’s fully enclosed, all-weather surface garden area - is also a part of every child’s session.

The nursery’s opening times are:
Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm

(Excluding public holidays)

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Toddler day nursery


The nursery follows the curriculum as laid out in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). These guidelines set the standards for the learning, development and care of children from birth to 5 years old.



Play underpins the EYFS. It also underpins learning and all aspects of children’s development. Through play, children develop language skills, emotions, creativity, social and intellectual skills..



The Rocking Horse Nursery caters for all dietary requirements with healthy and nutritious snack and meal options and the highest level 5 star food hygiene rating for added peace of mind.


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green bottoms

As part of our commitment to protect the environment for our children and future generations, The Rocking Horse Nursery uses the services of Green Bottoms to recycle disposal nappies using the most eco-friendly solution that’s available.

In 2011 Green Bottoms used the UK’s first ever specialist nappy recycling facility to dispose of millions of nappies and today it’s using nappy waste to create power for homes.

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