The Rocking Horse Nursery Allotment Club

Gardening with children is excellent for a child's overall development. Benefits include sensory awareness, physical and locomotor skill development, experience of using tools, appreciating the natural environment and helps to support educational topics. It also encourages healthy eating, develops social skills, team work and teaches responsibility and patience.

Gardening helps with a wide range of topics that are a part of the everyday national curriculum. The wider topics include seasons, weather, life cycles, animals and mini beasts. These are topics that children learn about from nursery right through their school lives.

It also helps develop numeracy and literacy skills. Measuring and counting are mathematical concepts which are involved with gardening. Reading instructions on how to complete tasks or the name of different seeds help develop literacy skills.

In addition to the physical and educational benefits, the children get to enjoy the great outdoors, being active and the tasty rewards of growing their own fruit and vegetables on The Rocking Horse Nursery's allotment.

Example activities include:

  • Life cycle lessons
  • Observing wildlife
  • Sensory activities
  • Scarecrow building
  • Playing team games
  • Learning to use tools
  • Discovering and exploring surroundings
  • Fruit and vegetable tasting


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